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Words we live by

 "We're not saying you should go nude, we're saying it should feel like it" - The Nudist


The Nudist Swimwear was born out of love for any and all kinds of life, and all the beauty that surrounds us.
We strongly believe we can live and enjoy our life without compromising the world we live in and we are striving to find the perfect balance in between the two. It is time that the fashion and apparel industries recognise the impact that they have on the environment and take the necessary measures to minimise that impact.
Our mission is to make you feel confident, free, and comfortable in your swimwear, as if you were naked (and hey, if you know somewhere you can go to the beach naked that's great!). All of this while making the world a little better!

Audit Report

In the search for the least impactful way of making garments, we seek to partner with companies who share our goal of sustainability,  equitability and transparency. 

We work with a manufacturer that has been awarded a Intertek Achievement Award for:

  • Fair Labour
  • Wages and Hours
  • Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Management System
By choosing our fabrics and our collaborators carefully and by conducting our business as sustainably as we can, we are striving to be a motor of change in the fashion industry. And hopefully we will inspire others to be one as well. We are always looking for ways to improve our practices, and we are always doing our best to keep up to date with the latest innovations and environmental practices. 
We believe brands and consumers together can prove that people DO care who makes their garments and DO care what fabrics they are made of. And for those who also care what happens to the garments after, stay tuned. The Nudist is working on ways to reuse the bikinis after their life under the sun has ended. 

Donating- Let's give back to the ocean

The Nudist Swimwear also tries to help by giving back to a cause that is working to protect the ocean. That is why we will give $5 out of every bikini sold to The Coral Reef Alliance. We are very passionate about their sustained efforts into saving coral reefs around the world. At the heart of their work there is something called Adaptive Reefscapes – creating networks of healthy reefs that can adapt to climate change because they are diverse, connected and large. " Coral reefs around the world are at risk due to local-level threats like overfishing, water pollution and habitat destruction. Now, thanks to rising ocean temperatures, they also have to contend with global-level threats such as coral bleaching. Today, a startling 75 percent of our coral reefs are threatened, and 27 percent have already been lost"
Read more about them and the amazing work they do to help on their website #savecoralreefs
We are greatly thankful you are here and ready to be part of the change.
 - With love, 
The Nudist