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Six Ways The Nudist Is Helping To Support The Planet With Sustainable Swimwear

  • 4 min read

Every day, people make choices that directly impact the health of our planet. The goods we choose to buy, the way in which we use them, and how we discard them when they are no longer needed, are all things that are within our control. It’s been a gradual transition, but people are becoming more aware of the choices they make and they are starting to realize that change begins by altering consumption habits, taking the time to recycle, and investing in things like environmentally-friendly clothing and organic foods that are produced locally. At The Nudist, we want to do our part for a healthier environment and offering high-quality sustainable swimwear is only part of the equation. In today’s post, we are going to discuss some of the ways that we are working to make a change for the better. Keep reading and then take some time to think about how you, too, can make a difference.

Recycling and Beyond

A couple of decades ago, the idea of widespread recycling was a foreign concept to most Americans. Now, there are recycling bins in most homes, office buildings, and restaurants. This is just one example of how our habits have evolved to be more environmentally-friendly. Another good example is plastic shopping bags. Ten years ago, seeing someone carry a reusable shopping bag into a store seemed somewhat unusual, but nowadays, it’s common to forego the plastic for a handful of your own canvas bags.

And who can forget the most recent movement to eliminate plastic straws? This one simple act will help to eliminate millions of tons of trash that would otherwise end up in landfills and in the oceans.

As people continue to make conscious changes for a better environment, the team here at The Nudist wants to do our part as well. If the goal is to save the planet, it’s going to take more than just ditching the plastic bags and straws. We believe that it’s time the fashion industry recognized the impact they have on the environment. Here are just a few ways that we are going to support that movement with our line of environmentally-friendly clothing.

Sustainable Swimwear Made to Last

We believe that we can live and enjoy our life without compromising the world we live in. With this in mind, we chose to create a better line of swimwear that not only looks and feels great, but it contributes to a healthier planet. By choosing our fabrics and our collaborators carefully and by conducting our business as sustainably as we can, we are striving to be a motor of change in the fashion industry, hopefully inspiring others along the way. Here are a few ways that we are doing things differently:

Materials That Help the Planet

All of our sustainable swimwear is made with Econyl® Recycled Yarn. Econyl® is the trade name for a recycled yarn that is changing the apparel and textile industries. It’s made of discarded nylon products such as carpet, old fishing nets, and fabric scraps — items that would normally be destined for the landfill. Instead, these waste products are turned into a recycled fabric that can be used for any number of clothing items, including swimsuits that are sold at The Nudist.

The beauty of using this recycled nylon yarn is that it has exactly the same properties as virgin nylon, but it’s even better because it can be recycled and remade into new products, an infinite number of times. If you would like to learn more about Econyl®, read our recent post called Econyl® Fabric - A Better Choice.


Our eco-friendly swimwear is superior to other standard swimwear in quality and durability. The recycled nylon yarn and elastane are resistant to chlorine and sun creams. They also provides excellent shape retention and is piling resistant. All of these things mean that when you buy from The Nudist, you’ll have a long-wearing product that won’t fade or stretch.

Infinitely Recyclable

As we mentioned above, the recycled nylon fabric that we use for all of our sustainable swimwear can be recycled again and again. If the day ever comes that you no longer wish to wear your bikini or one-piece, you have the option of recycling it. This prevents it from ending up in a landfill and allows it to be transformed into something new.

Recycled Packaging

We would be compromising our mission if we didn’t consider the type of packaging we use for shipping our swimwear. That’s why we ship all of our products in recycled cardboard boxes that can easily be recycled again or re-used.

Supporting the Coral Reef Alliance

The Nudist is passionate about supporting the Coral Reef Alliance and their efforts to save coral reefs around the world. Coral reefs are at risk due to overfishing, water pollution, and habitat destruction. In an effort to give back and support a mission that is near and dear to our hearts, The Nudist will give five dollars of every bikini sold to the Coral Reef Alliance. 

Carefully Selected Partners

When you purchase sustainable swimwear from The Nudist, you can have confidence that you are supporting workers around the globe in a fair and healthy way. Unlike some of the horror stories you may have heard regarding how clothing is being made in far-away places, The Nudist seeks to partner with companies who share in our goal of sustainability, while ensuring fair and equitable practices. The manufacturer we have partnered with has been given an achievement award that takes into consideration fair labor, wages and hours, health and safety, and the management system.

Make a Better Choice

Every day you have choices to make that can either help or hurt the environment. Show your support and join the movement to make more conscious decisions about our planet by choosing to invest in quality sustainable swimwear from The Nudist. Whether you’re looking for a sexy new bikini or a sporty new one-piece, we have styles you’ll love in all of the trendy new colors. Shop The Nudist today and do your part to make a difference!