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Four Things You Can Do To Live More Sustainably

  • 4 min read

Making choices that support a sustainable world is more important than ever. As the human population continues to rise, there is an increasing need to be more conscious of how we use resources, how we dispose of waste, and how our consumption practices affect the lives and health of those around us. At The Nudist, we don’t want to be part of the problem, we want to be part of the solution. And that’s why we’ve created a line of beautifully-made sustainable swimwear.

But our passion for serving the environment doesn’t stop there — we want to show our support in every way possible and share that mission with the world. That’s why we’ll be regularly posting articles that provide useful tips and information to spread the word about sustainability.

Check out our current post to learn about some simple changes you can make to live more sustainably, and then visit our website to see our collection of sustainable swimwear in all of the trendy styles you love.


What It Means To Live Sustainably

Let’s start by discussing what it means to live sustainably. The word sustainable, at the most basic level, means “able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” When you apply this to everyday living, it means living within your means and finding ways to preserve our finite resources for future generations.

So, how can we conserve resources and reduce our impact on the planet? There are many different things you can do, such as reducing the amount of waste being generated, finding ways to repurpose or recycle used items, and investing in long-lasting, quality products instead of disposable ones. By becoming more aware of our habits and consumption practices we can make simple changes that will have a big impact.


Consume Less

The first step in creating a more sustainable environment is to consume fewer resources. Resources are things like food, water, and fossil fuels that we use every day. We can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by looking at how we use transportation. Choosing to carpool, taking public transportation or biking instead of driving are ways that we can make a positive impact.

When it comes to food and water, we need to be mindful of what we are using so as not to waste it. Reduce water consumption by turning the faucet off while you are brushing your teeth or washing dishes. You can also take shorter showers, get a low-flush toilet, and capture rainwater to use in your garden. With regard to food consumption, consider how much you really need. Grow some of your own food, and get creative with using up leftovers.

Create Less Waste

No one wants to live in a landfill, and there’s nothing worse than seeing litter and trash taking over our neighborhoods and natural areas. The best solution for managing waste is to not create so much in the first place. Simple changes like using reusable bags, eliminating straws, and choosing a refillable bottle instead of buying plastic ones are three easy ways to create less waste. A few other tips to consider are reducing the amount of paper you use by subscribing to e-statements instead of getting paper bills in the mail. And speaking of mail, make an effort to stop as much junk mail as possible. You’ll enjoy having less mail to go through and the planet will thank you for it.


Recycling is another key element in creating less waste. There are so many products that are used once and then end up in the trash. Consider recycling bottles, cans, and paper products so they can be reused again or made into other products. Instead of throwing away fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, and coffee grounds, why not start composting? Even if you don’t have the means or space for a garden, chances are you know someone who does or you can donate it to a community garden or farm.


Just because you’re done with something doesn’t mean its ready for the trash bin. Just a few minutes on the internet and you can find hundreds of ideas for ways to reuse everything from empty jars and egg cartons to milk jugs and used coffee pods. It doesn’t take much effort to turn trash into something useful again, it only takes a little awareness and the desire to make a difference.

Support Sustainability By Shopping at The Nudist

At The Nudist, we have a passion for life and the beauty that surrounds us. And that’s why we want to do our part in helping to make the world a little better. We choose to work with fabrics that have as minimal impact on the plant as possible. We use regenerated nylon made from waste such as fishing nets and carpets destined for the landfill. The result is superior quality sustainable swimwear that is as comfortable as it is beautiful.

We further support our mission of a sustainable environment by using only recycled cardboard packaging to ship our products. In addition, with each and every bikini sold, we will donate five dollars to the Coral Reef Alliance to support efforts to save coral reefs around the world.

Living more sustainably means making changes one choice at a time, and doing your part has never been easier when you order sustainable swimwear from The Nudist. Look great and feel great knowing that you won’t have to compromise style, comfort, or durability in exchange for a healthy planet. Check out our full collection and then place your order today!